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Feb 03

Peel Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Heywood

Peel Lane HWRC, Heywood_5_3_10_1660_lo-res

Tweet I was up in Heywood today on my second day of taking surveys for GMWDA. Despite the dire warnings from the man in Bolton when I arrived today the sky was blue. It was blooming cold, but the sky was blue. Again with my authoritative looking hard hat I managed to get a near …

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Feb 02

Hurstwood Court Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), Bolton

Hurstwood Ct,_Sept 2010_6561_lo-res

Tweet I was up at Hurstwood Court HWRC in Bolton today to take surveys for GMWDA (Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority). I was let in by the site staff and given a short induction before being let loose on the unsuspecting public to get them to take surveys in the freezing cold. I don’t know …

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Jan 28

Waste Management – How the Germans do it

green dot

Tweet Germany, have the second highest recycling rate in Europe at 65% (recycling and composting combined). Germans produced less household waste per head in 2008 than they did in 1997. In Germany as of 2008 a mere 1% of the household rubbish was landfilled (smashing EU targets set for 2016) The question is – How …

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Jan 25

UK Receives ‘Pat on the Back’ as EU Waste Levels Set to Soar

Waste Hierarchy

Tweet The UK received a pat on the back last week for our recycling efforts – Too right as well, we have pushed our recycling rate up from 7% in 1996/97 to nearly 40% in 2009/10 (including reuse and composting) which is good going if you ask me. With all the recycling bins everyone has …

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Jan 17

Local Environmental Vids

Tweet Today I ordered a camcorder from Amazon (Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera – Black). I really wanted to buy a second hand or reconditioned one but the price difference was so small (they were 1/2 price) I thought I would rather get a new one which I know works 100% with a full …

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Jan 05

Social Media Challenge for the Waste industry

biffa image

Tweet The UK is in crisis, we are headed for a ‘perfect storm’ as landfill is soon to reach capacity and there is nowhere else to put all our rubbish: I am NOT an advocate of thermal treatment which results in dioxins and other toxic chemicals being spewed out into the atmosphere but what …

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Dec 01

40,000 Christmas Trees

pink ch tree

Tweet 40,000 Christmas trees are passing through New Smithfield market this year, right in front of the offices where I work! The guy who sells them is the biggest real Christmas tree wholesaler in Manchester and sells to other wholesalers – and also to some of my colleagues!! The question which has been bugging me …

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Nov 24

AFSL Event – Creating Sustainable Communities

Tweet A local Manchester charity, Action for Sustainable Living or afsl (pronounced afsul), held a Creating Sustainable Communities event yesterday at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. The event was presented by local celebrity Dave Haslam of Hacienda etc. fame and was a great insight into their work, achievements and future plans, as well as being a …

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Nov 17

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Tweet Christmas Cards The first Christmas card was sent in 1843 and featured a small child drinking wine with his family. While I don’t commend that behaviour I do commend the fact that these first Christmas cards were recycled! Yes that’s right, the first cards were cut up and the images used in scrap books …

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Nov 12

Wrap it up

iceland monster_map

Tweet 6 wrapping tips So you’ve bought some presents (or not yet as the case may be). To add that element of surprise and fun for the kids (and big kids) you have decided you’re going to wrap the presents in the traditional manner. But wait! – check this out first: Christmas Wrapping Ideas: Get …

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