Feb 10

Bolton Town Centre

I was asked to survey people in Bolton town centre today.

I focused on some of the recycling areas at Supermarkets where I thought people would be receptive.

It was totally different to getting people to do surveys at the HWRCs because most people were not there to dispose of waste but were going about their business.

I am up in Bury tomorrow so going to have to adopt a different approach there if I am to get any success!

A point of interest – all the facilities at the supermarkets looked old and not well maintained with several bins overflowing eg. plastic bag recycling.

Something really should be done about them.

I think because most people recycle at home now and fewer people use them they may not be as well maintained as they were a few years back but if you’re going to have them there the least you can do is make them look presentable and empty them as frequently as is necessary.


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