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May 05

5 Composting Tips

Tweet 1. Prevent slimy compost Slimy compost may be caused by too little air, too much water or the wrong mix of ingredients. Your compost heap should contain around a 50/50 mix of high nitrogen green materials and carbon rich browns. Too many greens can cause slimy compost. Turn the compost heap regularly to aerate …

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May 02

Mushroom Compost

Tweet Also known as mushroom soil, spent mushroom substrate or similar, mushroom compost is the spent growing medium from mushroom farming. Often available cheaply, mushroom compost can be used as soil conditioner or mulch. Mushroom compost contains straw or manure, Nitrogen additives such as dried blood and chalk is added. It is high in organic matter and many nutrients …

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Apr 30

Peat Harvesting For Compost

Tweet Peat has been used in compost for 40-50 years. Its properties make it an ideal growing medium for all types of plants. However, harvesting peat causes extensive damage to peat bogs and releases significant amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. The UK government set a target to reduce the use of peat compost to …

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Feb 08

Compostable Bags

Tweet Compostable bags are made from organic materials and break down like leaves or garden waste in the compost heap. They have become popular in recent years as more people are home composting and with so many Councils collecting organic waste. Small compostable bags are used in the kitchen for collecting organic waste. That might …

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