Feb 15

Chandos Street HWRC, Shaw, pt2

Keith and myself headed up to Chandos Street HWRC for the last push in the surveying schedule yesterday.

The men were friendly to us again as they have been at all the sites.

The rain started when we got there and worsened as the day went on. Needless to say I did not beat my record of 100 surveys in a session.

It was interesting speaking with the men. They told a similar story to the one being relayed by the men at Arkwright street with regard to traders using the site for trade waste.

There was evidence before my very eyes as several people who looked very much like traders – in vans, werring overalls, pencil behind the ear etc. were turning up and offloading items. I can think of one example where a man turned up with a carfull of stuff with his son, wearing overalls, and offloaded. Included in his waste and recycling were 3 boxes for shower units which pointed to the fact that he had recently fitted 3 shower units.

There were plenty more examples. It really annoyed the men on the site. They caught one bloke putting a large bag of plaster into the rubble skip which is a big no no. They stopped him immediately. Again they told me he is a regular visitor and a trader if I remember correctly.

What got the mens goat was the fact that there is very little they can do to stop traders from using the site. They can politely ask them not to use the site and that’s it. The result of this is that traders have little deterrent for using the HWRC for free rather than doing what they should do and paying to offload waste and recycling at a site designated for trade waste.

This system does not work. The men on site need more power to hand out fines and to be able to prevent traders from using the sites. it is a big problem and something needs to be done about it.

Another thing which annoyed them was the fact that some members of the public are rude to them. They said 90-95% are alright but some people take the view that it is their right to dump what they like where they like at the site for example emptying ashtrays and the like on the floor after which the men have to tidy up.

Show these guys more respect please this small minority. They do a good job and have to work 12 hour shifts in summer!

Conclusions and summary of my findings to follow, more than likely tomorrow.

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