Feb 04

Drinkwater Park, Bury – Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

I have been taking more surveys today up at Drinkwater Park, Bury.

I started at about 10 again. Again I was required to do a site induction but this only took 2mins then I was away surveying people.

It started a little slower than the previous 2 days but soon picked up and all in all I got quite a lot of surveys done (50-60).

I liked the layout at this site and, as happened yesterday some people expressed the fact that they really liked the site.

Household Waste Recycling Centre Bury

The platform is raised so people can throw their items directly into the containers and everything is a short walking distance.

A couple of interesting things happened today. A bloke about 65-70 came and asked if he could buy a gas canister as they cost £30 in the shops however he was told no.

Another bloke who was throwing stuff away had some unused work boots, they looked pretty good from where I was standing. He offered them to one of the men but was told to put them into the clothes and shoes container. There was one lady who was throwing out 3 folders full of artwork. It had been in the house since she moved in 3 years ago and she wanted to dispose of it. Some of it was dated (1974) and looking through there were some really nice scetches, it seemed a shame to throw it out but it all went in the containers with the cardboard and non-recyclables.

I saw 2 Xbox 360s in the small appliances container. I am presuming they were broken but you just don’t know.

The chagehand told me they had the welders in today because someone broke into the site last night to look through the containers. He said it is a regular and ongoing problem.

I carry on at more sites next week where I will come to some conclusions about HWRCs, I am having some ideas.


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