Oct 07

Manchester Food and Drink Festival pt2.

I helped out at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival again today.

I was not happy when I got there today. Parking at the MEN Arena was £9, I had to park there because I didn’t have time to find anywhere else. It was event parking prices – even though I parked there during the day and left long before the event started. This happened to me the other week as well!! That is the last time I park there.

Rant over :) – The weather was gorgeous at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival today, some would even describe it as warm which believe me came as a most welcome surprise (forecast predicted sunny spells, I took my mac).

Me and Keith were taking care of the recycling and waste. To be honest Keith could have done it on his own, he was a recycling machine today – and he is working ’til 12 tonight!

One guy with an acoustic guitar did all of the entertainment on the main stage today. Respect: he was on for ages, pretty decent as well. I especially enjoyed his guitar parts during Sweet Home Alabama.

The sun did bring out the crowds today, mainly workers coming during their lunch but then a steady stream of folks all through the afternoon. The mood was very good.

From a recycling perspective I was not too happy. I am a bit suspicious about the bioplastics (I am going to get a cup tomorrow and do some further research). My main problem was with the food dishes etc. Take this example: some of the dishes were made from what looked like wood – and they were disposable?!?

All the food trays were disposable and were all different fom the different stalls. Some were made from some sort of cardboard and people (me included) were not sure whether to put them in with the compostables or the landfill only bin. Also, lots of disposable chopsticks being given out – and people were putting them in with the compostibles.

I am quite sure lots of stuff was going in the wrong bins. I was watching some people put stuff in the bin (business people, out on their lunch) and they were invariably looking confused then tossing their items where they thought best.

I will be coming up with some conclusions and solutions by the end of Sunday that’s for sure….. :)

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