Oct 04

Manchester Food and Drink Festival – Recycling

I helped out EMERGE with their recycling activities at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival yesterday.

I was taking care of the site waste management with Picky and Keith. It was peeing it down when I got there aroung midday and I though I was in for a long day. There wasn’t much to do at first so I watched the samba style dancing for a bit then moved a pile of soaking wet cardboard left from the Saturday.

After an hour or so it brightened up, I still felt sorry for the Robbie Williams tribute later when he stripped off as it was freezing.

I was going around doing litter picking and making sure rubbish was not piling up around the refreshment areas where people were eating pies and drinking cider etc.

We stayed on top of the waste, it wasn’t that busy due to the weather.

I didn’t really fancy doing the job when I was asked but I thought I could use the cash. It wasn’t too bad actually and I think

I learned a bit about site waste management such as co-ordinaton between stalls and traders ie. getting them to use the same cups and plates etc. and clear signage at the recycling bins. The plastic cups all seemed to be ‘bioplastics’ as well which was a surprise!!



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