Oct 08

Manchester Food & Drink Festival pt3.

Sunny again today at the Manchester Food & Drink Festival.

No entertainment during the day for some reason today – surely employing a guy with an acoustic guitar like yesterday can’t cost that much?

The sun meant a good steady flow of punters sampling the food & drink though with the pie stall and Robinsons doing a roaring trade from what I could tell. A few groups of office workers spent the best part of their afternoons there which kept things going – fair play, its not every friday afternoon in October you can sit on Albert square and sup a few in the warm sunshine!!

There were some free samples today – whiskey cocktails and pudding in cups. I didn’t try any though – I was working and didn’t fancy any at the end of my shift as I had spent long enough at the festival already. That is not to say I wasn’t enjoying it there – I was!

Spoke with Mark from the Oldham Council recycling team who was manning the Love Food Hate Waste stand. He told me Oldham Council are to cut 800 jobs!! This stuff is gonna bite big time soon.

Recycling issues: Main problem: The myriad of different containers and eating implements from all the different stalls make it ‘impossible’ for everyone there to recycle effectively.

eg. Punter goes to the bin thinks – is this tray compostable? He/ she thinks – it could be, I want it to be composted if it is – so puts the tray in the compostables bin. Corret action? It depends on the tray.

Talking of the trays those disposable ‘wooden’ trays were in use again. Come on. I ripped one to see what it was made of and the material looked fibrous like wood. It had ecosomething or other written on it. Now I don’t know exactly what it was made of but I can tell you I was throwing them in the ‘landfill only’ bin (as wood is not compostable).

The ‘plastic’ cups were different today. They had written on them – I am not a plastic cup, 100% compostible. If this is right (which I assume it must be) then that is brilliant! I have never seen them before. We must do away with all other plastic cups at once!!… it did only add to the confusion though.

All in all, we kept on top of things which was our main job, working with Aaron ’til 3 then Keith again ’til 5.30.

One final point – there was a lot of waste today – we filled 2 large commercial bins 12-5.30. I think this sort of thing should be measured to encourage improvement.

Summary and conclusions about recycling at the event to follow Sunday.



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