Feb 03

Peel Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Heywood

I was up in Heywood today on my second day of taking surveys for GMWDA.

Despite the dire warnings from the man in Bolton when I arrived today the sky was blue. It was blooming cold, but the sky was blue.

Again with my authoritative looking hard hat I managed to get a near 100% conversion rate turning my HWRC-visiting prospects into survey completers with little fuss.

This HWRC was a totally different set up to the one I visited yesterday. There were just 2 men managing the site and the site was relatively small. Having said that the range of items collected was probably the same as the new Hurstwood Ct site in Bolton where I visited yesterday. There were collection points for: Garden waste, matresses, mixed waste, wood and timber, rubble and hardcore, scrap metal, large electricals, small electricals, clothing, batteries, books, cds, tyres, TVs, flourescent tubes, motor oil – see I was paying more attention today! (better weather conditions).

At this site everything is on the same level. Punters come along and put their unwanted items in the correct pile and when the pile reaches a certain size the site is temporarily closed to the public while the waste eg. green waste, rubble, mixed waste, is scooped up by a large CAT  and dumped in the blue containers at the side of the yard (on the right in the photo). This happened a number of times while I was there.

The site also had to be temporarily closed off to the public for the containers to be taken off site for processing.

Whilst the closures did slow things down a bit for the public, they just waited patiently in their cars until loading was complete.

The set up they have here allowed for much quicker unloading than at Hurstwood Court as all the different areas for recyclables are closer to each other so once the public were in they were out noticably quicker.

I did not get a chance to reflect today about all the rubbish. I can say this though – a lot of good stuff got thrown in again.

The reason I did not get a chance for reflection was because I was kept busy pretty much the whole time I was there with filling out surveys, which I found surprising considering it is a small site. I can say this it is certainly well used from what I could see.

Conclusions – once I have finished my little tour of HWRCs I will let you know.

What is your local HWRC like? Do you like or hate it? If you have any comments please feel free to add them.


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