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Feb 15

Chandos Street HWRC, Shaw, pt2

Tweet Keith and myself headed up to Chandos Street HWRC for the last push in the surveying schedule yesterday. The men were friendly to us again as they have been at all the sites. The rain started when we got there and worsened as the day went on. Needless to say I did not beat …

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Feb 11

HWRC surveys – Bury

Tweet Again it was a challenge to get many surveys filled in today. I tried my luck at Tescos near the centre of Bury and some people who were dropping off their recycling completed surveys. I spoke with the litter attendant at Tescos who told me they have problems with people fly tipping around the …

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Feb 10

Bolton Town Centre

Tweet I was asked to survey people in Bolton town centre today. I focused on some of the recycling areas at Supermarkets where I thought people would be receptive. It was totally different to getting people to do surveys at the HWRCs because most people were not there to dispose of waste but were going …

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Feb 10

Union Road Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Union Rd, Bolton_HWRC_060509_6844_lo-res

Tweet I was up in Bolton today at the Union Rd site. This is one of the 4 smaller sights I am visiting over last week and this week. The site is very neatly laid out and like the other small sites I have been to there were pleanty of people visiting to drop items …

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Feb 08

Beal Hey Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), Chandos Street in Shaw and Arkwright Street, Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), Oldham

Arkwright St_29_10_09_9118compressed

Tweet Yesterday I was up in Shaw near Oldham taking more surveys. It was freezing and I was counting down the clock from after about the first hour. The men on site made me feel welcome despite appearing initially reluctant for the surveys to be taken. I think this was down to the fact that …

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Feb 04

Drinkwater Park, Bury – Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Drinkwater Pk_01

Tweet I have been taking more surveys today up at Drinkwater Park, Bury. I started at about 10 again. Again I was required to do a site induction but this only took 2mins then I was away surveying people. It started a little slower than the previous 2 days but soon picked up and all …

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Feb 03

Peel Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Heywood

Peel Lane HWRC, Heywood_5_3_10_1660_lo-res

Tweet I was up in Heywood today on my second day of taking surveys for GMWDA. Despite the dire warnings from the man in Bolton when I arrived today the sky was blue. It was blooming cold, but the sky was blue. Again with my authoritative looking hard hat I managed to get a near …

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Feb 02

Hurstwood Court Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), Bolton

Hurstwood Ct,_Sept 2010_6561_lo-res

Tweet I was up at Hurstwood Court HWRC in Bolton today to take surveys for GMWDA (Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority). I was let in by the site staff and given a short induction before being let loose on the unsuspecting public to get them to take surveys in the freezing cold. I don’t know …

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Jan 28

Waste Management – How the Germans do it

green dot

Tweet Germany, have the second highest recycling rate in Europe at 65% (recycling and composting combined). Germans produced less household waste per head in 2008 than they did in 1997. In Germany as of 2008 a mere 1% of the household rubbish was landfilled (smashing EU targets set for 2016) The question is – How …

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Jan 25

UK Receives ‘Pat on the Back’ as EU Waste Levels Set to Soar

Waste Hierarchy

Tweet The UK received a pat on the back last week for our recycling efforts – Too right as well, we have pushed our recycling rate up from 7% in 1996/97 to nearly 40% in 2009/10 (including reuse and composting) which is good going if you ask me. With all the recycling bins everyone has …

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