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Nov 12

Wrap it up

iceland monster_map

Tweet 6 wrapping tips So you’ve bought some presents (or not yet as the case may be). To add that element of surprise and fun for the kids (and big kids) you have decided you’re going to wrap the presents in the traditional manner. But wait! – check this out first: Christmas Wrapping Ideas: Get …

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Nov 04

8 3Rs Christmas Gift Ideas

tank driving

Tweet Thnking of ‘going green’ this Christmas – read on. Here’s a few gift ideas I came up with. 1. Give An Experience 2. Adopt a Turtle 3. Subscription to Spotify 4. Give Time 5. Make Something Yourself 6. Use Freecycle 7. Reuse – Ebay/Charity Shop/Car Boot Sale 8. Plant a Tree 1. An experience …

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Oct 11

Manchester Food & Drink Festival Recycling Roundup

Tweet It was the last day of the festival yesterday – and by far the best day I was working there. The sun was shining brightly, the entertainment was excellent… and a lovely lady from Earth Cafe gave me a plate of rice and stuff for my tea. Thanks Patricia!! The site was full of …

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Oct 08

Manchester Food & Drink Festival pt3.

Tweet Sunny again today at the Manchester Food & Drink Festival. No entertainment during the day for some reason today – surely employing a guy with an acoustic guitar like yesterday can’t cost that much? The sun meant a good steady flow of punters sampling the food & drink though with the pie stall and …

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Oct 07

Manchester Food and Drink Festival pt2.

Tweet I helped out at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival again today. I was not happy when I got there today. Parking at the MEN Arena was £9, I had to park there because I didn’t have time to find anywhere else. It was event parking prices – even though I parked there during …

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Oct 04

Manchester Food and Drink Festival – Recycling

Tweet I helped out EMERGE with their recycling activities at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival yesterday. I was taking care of the site waste management with Picky and Keith. It was peeing it down when I got there aroung midday and I though I was in for a long day. There wasn’t much to …

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