Feb 10

Union Road Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

I was up in Bolton today at the Union Rd site.

This is one of the 4 smaller sights I am visiting over last week and this week. The site is very neatly laid out and like the other small sites I have been to there were pleanty of people visiting to drop items off whilst I was there.

I got the opportunity to speak with one of the site managers for the area this morning. He told me that people seemed to be clearing out their garages and lofts etc. a bit early this year and it is not normally so busy until a few weeks later normally.

Speaking with him was very interesting. He told me he doesn’t agree with the way the new larger sites are layed out. One of the reasons is that people can be tempted to dumps more items into general waste if they have to walk back because they have missed the correct container. He tells me this can be a problem when it gets busy. He told me the site he thinks is designed the best out of all the sites he is responsible for is set to close under the current plans. I think it is called the Leicester Street Site.

I have noticed that som eof the sites I have been to have very high recycling rates deiplayed for December whilst som ehave comparatively low. For example the Union Rd site today displayed 84% recycling rate for December whilst I have seen the rate be as low as 43% at one site. I didn’t get a clear answer on that, however he said the rate does fluctuate throughout the year and can go down if people are having a big clearout eg. at Christmas.

Points to note today. I saw a man leave 2 good looking leather chairs. I told him they looked good but he still left them. I spoke to the chargehand because I thought they might be valuable and he shared my opinion that they might be Chesterfield chairs. The leather had perished on 1 arm but other than that they were in reasonable condition. They looked a bit like (click here =>) this: , but more comfortable. In case you didn’t click this chair is valued at £960, and there were 2 of them.

The chargehand told me that for all the things you wanted to take home that were dropped off at the tip you would need a container yourself. Just looking at that catologue now I feel terrible that these chairs have been thrown away to rot on a landfill (too big for the incinerator).

The men used to be able to take things of value which were dropped off but times have changed and they face disciplinary action and possible termination for taking items home. The standard fin efor the public is £1000. Madness.

Once I was done at Union Rd, I went back up to Hurstwood Ct. to make my time up for last week and got a few more surveys done up there. I would be interested to go back there at weekends to see what its like when it is really busy and if there are any problems.

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