Nov 12

Wrap it up

6 wrapping tips

So you’ve bought some presents (or not yet as the case may be). To add that element of surprise and fun for the kids (and big kids) you have decided you’re going to wrap the presents in the traditional manner. But wait! – check this out first:

Christmas Wrapping Ideas:

  1. Get Creative
  2. Furoshiki
  3. Reuse Wool/ Ribbons/ String
  4. Old Cards As Gift Tags
  5. Baskets
  6. Buy Recycled

1. Get Creative

Heres a list of wrapping paper substitutes which not only mean you will be reusing stuff but will also add an element of interest:

old maps, brochures, magazines (check what’s on there), comics/ comic pages, sewing patterns, wallpaper, old calendars, childrens art, DIY instructions.

Old Map For Recycling Images on Paper can be Recycled

Tip: Think about making it relevant to the recipient.

Recipient of Recycled Christmas Present Recycled Christmas Present - Orange Cake recipe

2. Furoshiki

This environmentally friendly way of wrapping gifts is thought to date back over 1000 years and is making a comeback in Japan. Gifts are wrapped in fabric which becomes part of the gift: Warning may take some skill/talent!


3. Reuse Wool/ Ribbons/ String

Sure, make the final touches using a length of fibre but there’s no need to throw it in the bin afterwards. Why not collect up ribbons etc. once all the presents have been opened (and other peoples too if they don’t want them).

If you have previously been doing this you are already a keen recycler, pat yourself on the back.

Large presents (think bike) don’t need to be wrapped up. A piece of ribbon will do just fine.

Recycled Bow on Christmas Present

4. Old Cards As Gift Tags

Have a hunt through your drawers to see if you have any old Christmas/ birthday/ Easter/ other celebration cards. They can be cut up into smaller pieces to use as gift tags.

Scissors for recycled christmas presents Christmas Card for Recycling

5. Baskets

I am told you can pick up a nice wicker basket at your local charity shop for next to nothing. I certainly recall seeing some in my local charity shop on occasion. Don’t you think they make a great wrapping alternative for gifts such as wine or cheese (or both)?

Wicker Basket for Recycled Christmas Present Environmentally Friendly English Wine

6. Buy Recycled

If you have to give in to that consumer urge have a look round for recycled wrapping paper, preferably with non toxic ink.

Here are a few links, the RSPB paper was recommended to me:




Have you had fun making/ using alternative wrapping? Please take a moment to post a comment.




  1. Stephanie Rink

    I love this! I was going to use paper grocery bags and and jute twine to make my gifts more festive. Maybe i’ll channel my inner artist to individualize each wrapped gift. I really like the idea of using old cards to use as gift tags. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kenny Ritchie

    Furoshiki is certainly a great idea. I’m going to give something along those lines a try this year.

  3. itsjoewhite

    I would be interested to hear what you do!

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